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Since 1978 we have served the Mid-Atlantic dental community by providing top-rated and owner-friendly products and services in the following areas:

  • Acquisition and Sales

  • Associateships

  • Marketing and Practice Management

  • New Practice Set Up


Why do patients resist needed treatment? Price?

Are your treatment plans a clinical outline?

Do you alter the treatment plan based on personality or do you treat all presentations the same?

Do you know the five major reasons why people do not accept treatment?

Where does the treatment plan begin?

Who in the practice is responsible for presenting the treatment plan? How much training has this person experienced?

When do you follow up on a treatment plan? Who does this follow-up?

Do you need a special place for treatment planning or should it be conducted chair side?


We now offer a customized 4-hour training course that will provide you with a foundation that will assist you in improving your case presentation skills. Many dental practices have patients that need work, but haven’t yet accepted the treatment.

You will be asked to present a case presentation on a fictional patient, and then have that presentation critiqued using your new found skills. Each time you use the information from this workshop, you and your team will go further in the process of encouraging your patients to accept what is in their best interest. The ultimate winner is your patients and your practice. The fee for this learning session will likely be returned the first time a reluctant patient accepts your treatment plan. Your continued success and confidence will grow as more and more patients accept treatment.


Grow your practice from within.

Help your patients accept the treatment that is in their best interest

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