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5 Ways to Improve Patient Retention Following a Practice Transition

By Choice Dental Solutions, May 2 2018 01:00PM

Patient retention is one of the most difficult things about a practice transition. In some cases, dentists lose almost 50% of a practice’s existing patients over the course of the following year. While aiming to keep every single patient is unrealistic, using these tips will allow you the best chance at maximum retention.

Update Your Website

Many practices slow down marketing spending when they know they will be hitting the market in the next year or two. As a result, there’s a good chance that the website for the practice you are taking over is outdated and less-than-attractive. Invest in your new practice by giving it a facelift and adding features like online scheduling. The efforts you put into optimizing the patient experience will help with patient retention.

Personalize Reminders

While online and text message reminders have their place, you can’t beat a personal touch. Existing patients will appreciate your efforts in getting to know them personally, and phone reminders also have the best success rate.

Use Surveys

Patient satisfaction services are a great way to get a window into how your patients are feeling about, well, being your patients! Once you get results from the surveys, pay close attention to the results. Remember that there will always be negative and positive reviews. You should focus the most effort on the reviews that lie in the middle. Is there something simple you could do to make patients happy? Don’t be afraid to send out more than one survey over the course of the first year to prevent patients from leaving.

Don’t Change Too Quickly

It’s easy to want to give the practice you are taking over a total makeover, but keep this in mind—the patients who have stuck around have done so for a reason. Learn about why patients loved the previous practice owner. Make changes gradually, and don’t be afraid to offer some transparency about why some changes are taking place.

Ask for Recommendations

Finally, take the time to talk with the patients that do decide to leave the practice. Make it clear that you aren’t calling to chastise them or beg them to return. Instead, you want to learn about what you could have done to keep them around. While you won’t get responses from some patients, the patients that you do hear from will have valuable information.

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